Why modalism is deadly

‘Modalism is considered heresy because it necessarily means that Christ did not really become incarnate. The Word did not really become flesh, and thus Jesus did not die with a real physical body, or shed His real blood. In other words, modalism necessarily invalidates the central doctrine of the entire Christian faith: that Jesus died bodily for our sins and rose from the dead.’ — May we now regard T.D. Jakes as Trinitarian and orthodox?

3 thoughts on “Why modalism is deadly”

  1. Your title is not bolded! I was confused for a moment. 🙂

    All three offices of the godhead must be eternally at work simultaneiously. In Christ all things hold together. The Holy spirit enables us to turn to Christ, who is ever interceding before the Father. How can any of them be taken out of the equation? I know we don’t “understand” the Trinity – it doesn’t make sense to us. But Scripture is so clear in so many places on this, that the only way you can deny it is to essentially say you put your intellect over the authority of Scripture. No one is saying it makes completely sense to us or that Trinitarianism removes all mystery. There’s plenty of mystery in Trinitarianism!

    1. Your title is not bolded! I was confused for a moment. 🙂

      It’s an additional style of posting, for short quotes and the like. It will probably be a bit less unexpected once there are a few more of these here!

  2. Interesting…never thought of that. I mean I knew it was heresy but I did not really think deeply of why salvation is cancelled out.

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