‘The Elephant Room débutantes’ ball has seen the public emergence of pachydermism, the belief that clearly defined and defended sound doctrine is harmful to Christian unity. This lethal disease contrasts sharply with the Biblical doctrine that true unity of faith arises from a shared understanding of the objective truth taught by Scripture (cf. Ephesians 4). Pachydermism is regrettably characterized by its inability to distinguish between improper attacks upon a person, and the legitimate comparison with Scripture of what a person believes, teaches and confesses.’ — The emergence of pachydermism

Why modalism is deadly

‘Modalism is considered heresy because it necessarily means that Christ did not really become incarnate. The Word did not really become flesh, and thus Jesus did not die with a real physical body, or shed His real blood. In other words, modalism necessarily invalidates the central doctrine of the entire Christian faith: that Jesus died bodily for our sins and rose from the dead.’ — May we now regard T.D. Jakes as Trinitarian and orthodox?