Response to the Isle of Man consultation on introducing so-called same-sex marriage

The Isle of Man Government is conducting a consultation regarding its proposed legislation to permit same-sex ‘marriage’ on the Island. This post contains the response my wife and I sent to the Isle of Man Government. Many of the points covered are applicable to the same-sex ‘marriage’ controversy in other countries.

Your response can help

The consultation closes on 13 November 2015 and is open to all, regardless of where they live. It would be very helpful for the Government to realize that a great many people from all over the world are opposed to the introduction of same-sex ‘marriage’. Here is how you can help:

  • State your opposition (no matter how briefly) in a polite email to Ms Anne Shimmin at
  • Leave a message by phone on +44 (0)1624 685202 opposing the legislation.
  • Share this post widely using the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus buttons at the end of the article.

Thank you!

The Government’s consultation documents

Our response

We oppose the introduction of so-called same-sex marriage to the Isle of Man on the following grounds:

  1. the proposed legislation fundamentally misconstrues the purpose of the state’s legal recognition of marriage;
  2. the proposed Bill is unnecessary and divisive;
  3. on the basis of its own standards, the proposed legislation is intellectually incoherent and unfair;
  4. the proposed Bill would enshrine homosexual marriage in law as a second-class institution;
  5. the existing marriage legislation is already entirely fair and equal;
  6. the proposed legislation would further undermine the institution of marriage to the detriment of society;
  7. the proposed legislation does not sufficiently protect those who hold sincere philosophical or religious beliefs in opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’;
  8. Tynwald has no public mandate to enact the proposed Bill;
  9. the proposed legislation is a rebellion against God’s moral Law, blasphemes the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and is thus greatly offensive to Almighty God and to many people of faith.

We shall now briefly explain each of these points. Continue reading Response to the Isle of Man consultation on introducing so-called same-sex marriage

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