Second Harvest Bible Fellowship Church Dissociates Over ER2

The elders of Harvest Bible Chapel of Prescott have published a gracious and thoroughly Biblical explanation of why their congregation has dissociated from Elephant Room 2 organizer James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Fellowship Chicago.

HBC Prescott’s dissociation echoes that of Harvest Bible Chapel Detroit West in January. Sovereign Grace Church of Bakersfield similarly left the Acts 29 network founded by ER2 moderator Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church.

The full statement by the elders of HBC Prescott is available here:

2 thoughts on “Second Harvest Bible Fellowship Church Dissociates Over ER2”

  1. When one embraces heretics, then discerning church elders will take proper action. Good job to them and let’s hope there are many more to follow.

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