Elephant Room 2: James White on T.D. Jakes and elephants in the room

James White, director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, author of over 20 books, professor, accomplished debater and apologist, has weighed-in on the controversy concerning T.D. Jakes’ orthodoxy.

As covered by Apprising Ministries, White revealed his initial thoughts in a series of acerbic tweets:

He finished with a direct challenge to Jakes:

Should Jakes respond, I shall be sure to cover the news here.

In a later episode of his Dividing Line webcast, White analysed in detail the statements that Jakes made at the Elephant Room 2 concerning the Trinity. I highly recommend this episode to all those who desire to be informed on this crucial issue:

Readers may also be interested in my earlier coverage of T.D. Jakes and The Elephant Room 2:

13 thoughts on “Elephant Room 2: James White on T.D. Jakes and elephants in the room”

  1. Macdonald already says he has responded:

    Bishop Jakes, 2nd Decisions and Coming Home

    I was initially planning to publish the transcript of session #4 between Mark Driscoll and Bishop Jakes, where Bishop Jakes confirmed his Trinitarian belief and affirmed “God in three persons, eternally existing.” He disavowed modalism, while expressing his great love and appreciation for his spiritual heritage including Baptist, Methodist, and Oneness. I wanted to publish the conversation word-for-word to keep people from distorting it, but on our staff we talk about the importance of the ‘second decision.’ The second decision is where you admit that the first decision was a bad one. I have decided not to publish the transcripts of any conversations from Elephant Room.

    Imagine that. How convenient.

    Someone already did though, remember?

    TOM CHANTRY ON . . .The Elephant Room II, Session 4 Transcript

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