A listener’s guide to the pulpit

Most of the preachers were dynamic, engaging, interesting and even entertaining. Most of their sermons were terrible.

I’ve just come across this magnificent article, written by Pastor Todd Wilken of the Issues, Etc. radio program. It clearly shows the difference between a good and bad sermon.

Everyone who preaches, or listens to preachers, would benefit from reading this. Why not print a few copies and share them with friends?

4 thoughts on “A listener’s guide to the pulpit”

    1. Hello Cecilia, thanks for stopping by.

      I checked a few of the passages and they all seem to be the English Standard Version (ESV). Concordia Publishing House do a superb ESV-based study bible, called the Lutheran Study Bible:


      I mostly use the New King James Version myself, but I purchased a copy of the Lutheran Study Bible just so that I would have the notes!

      (By the way, don’t let the fact that the Lutheran Study Bible has ‘Lutheran’ in its name put you off, even if you’re not Lutheran.)

      Hope this helps 🙂

      1. thank you! no, I’m not put off by Luther… might try to obtain one of those Bible’s for myself… blessings! c

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